Best Little Backpackers in Christchurch

KiwiBasecamp is just that, a base for you to stay at and easily explore the city of Christchurch from. Literally on our doorstep there’s Victoria Street with several eateries, bars and coffee shops, and if you want to get the bus around the city you can get the Blue line from here. There is a bus to everywhere in Christchurch so don’t worry if you haven’t got a car, you automatically get a free transfer within 2 hours of your first bus trip so that will help with costs, and if you’re staying for longer get yourself to the interchange and get a metro card for $10, this will discount your bus journeys

If you’re feeling active get yourself walking around Hagley Park and the Botanic gardens, both are a 5/10 minute walk from KiwiBasecamp and you will see some of the birds that are native to New Zealand. If walking is your thing walk up Bealey Avenue to Madras Street and walk down to the fire station, where you will see the firefighters memorial, it is a piece of the twin towers and was donated by New York City to Christchurch City. From there you can walk either along the river Avon back towards KiwiBasecamp or walk past the park and towards Cashel Street, along this walk you will see great street art, that will ignite your imagination. You will see what devastation the earthquake caused on your left and on your right how much is being built day in day out. If you are interested in any areas to walk around, just ask one of the friendly staff on reception and they will be more than happy to send you to some great areas

Getting out of the city is easy enough, get on the bus and get seeing the countryside around the city where there are walks, fishing, horse riding and beaches. New Brighton and Sumner are your beaches to visit, take a packed lunch (which you can prepare in some of the cleanest kitchens I’ve seen in a hostel) or get some fish and chips out there. On a clear day you’ll be able to see the southern highlands from the beach, you have to see it to believe it.

I go horse riding once a week as I’m doing lessons, I jump on the 28 bus on Colombo Street (5 mins from hostel) and get out to Heathcote Valley Riding School, they also do treks if you don’t need/want lessons. As well as horses and gorgeous countryside you can get the gondola up the bridle path (you can hike it up….but yeah, the gondola was the right choice for me) from here you’ll see Diamond Harbour and Lyttleton on the one side and New Brighton Beach on the other.

There are so many things I could write and tell you about but you’ll be able to investigate yourselves when you arrive at one of the friendliest, comfortable and CLEAN hostels you’ll stay at in New Zealand.

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